The Secret Nature of Matter by Richard Gordon

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    The Secret Nature of Matter by Richard Gordon
  • Author: Richard Gordon
  • Publisher: North Atlantic Books
  • Format: Paperback


Richard Gordon likes to play around with life. He also likes to provide himself, and others, with proof that the rules he plays by are both tangible and verifiable.

In his book The Secret Nature of Matter Gordon shares fifty-eight of his mind-magic experiments along with their modus operandi and observed outcomes.

Gordon is a friend of natural curiosity and the enemy of chance.

The Journey Begins

In The Secret Nature of Matter the author opens by describing his book as existing between the seemingly opposing polarities of science and spirituality.

He explains how a bridge between the two disciplines now exists and how the spirituality and materiality connection so often referred to by mystics can be proved through the application of Quantum Mechanics.

Whilst the rules and behaviours of Quantum Mechanics are essentially laws unto themselves their core principles are central to the author’s approach to revealing a causal link between mind and matter — or to put it another way, between thoughts and physical reality.

The central ingredient for his experiments is ‘mind energy’. It is through his discovery that he has been able to transfer it in to objects that has caused him to consider how major beneficial changes occur in the world around him.

A precursor to the creation of the necessary power to achieve this charging effect is a process the author refers to as SPA or Spontaneous Posture Alignment.

This requires a close examination of a persons pelvic and occipital torsion which in layman’s terms refers to a proper alignment between the hips and cranial plates of an individual.

When these coexist in the plane of alignment the body becomes better equipped to channel the life-force or chi energy; a force which can be used or directed towards natural healing.

Later on in his book Gordon takes his readers through a progression of experiments which are used to reveal the strange way in which the mind-energy can be held, released and directed via a variety of different, and occasionally unorthodox, channels.

As a result of the largely mysterious processes that have taken place during his experiments that Gordon has evolved his own definition of spiritual philosophy.

He sums this up in the following way.

“Over the past 36 years of observations, I’ve concluded that the body has the ability to be sick or injured, not as a disfunction, but as a communication from our higher self about how we stopped loving.”

It seems that, once again, that old mystical power of love trumps everything — even today’s science.

Our Review of The Secret Nature of Matter by Richard Gordon

Most of the experiments that Gordon tried out and which are featured in this book are very reflective of the character of their creator.

They are fun, imaginative and rarely anything less than thought-provoking.

Life, or so it would seem from the results that he obtained, is strangely malleable through the process not only of human consciousness but also of intent.

The Secret Nature of Matter is a light read which I found to be something of a disadvantage as several times during the reading process I found the narrative to be a little disjointed. Too often I found it difficult to follow the train of thought underpinning the author’s proposals.

In a sense I think that the book is a victim of the author’s own deep sense of inquisitiveness and I felt that a more structured or methodical approach might have resulted in a more convincing set of arguments and conclusions

Nevertheless this is a generally interesting book and in places the questions that it raises go to the very heart of the human experience of reality.

Of those things that Gordon does prove within The Secret Nature of Matter one thing is for sure — the real business of life goes in behind the scenes and that we are no more than observers in a process that once uncovered proves that as individuals we are a great deal more than we can ever perceive ourselves to be.