The Story You Need to Tell by Sandra Marinella

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    The Story You Need to Tell by Sandra Marinella
  • Author: Sandra Marinella
  • Publisher: New World Library
  • Date Published: May 16, 2017
  • Format: Paperback

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In a recent interview award-winning writer and teacher Sandra Marinella explained that There are well over 200 studies that demonstrate how writing our personal stories can help to heal us physically, psychologically, and even socially. Some studies indicate that writing can lower our stress, improve our moods, reduce symptoms of depression, and give us a feeling of greater psychological well-being.

During her professional career Marinella has taught thousands of students and presented hundreds of workshops promoting the effectiveness of writing as a therapy for a wide range of mental and emotional disorders. For those suffering internal turmoil and pain her work has formed a vital conduit for personal expression which results in internal rebalance and healing.

A Successful Project

After researching and writing her book, The Story You Need to Tell, Sandra founded  the Story You Need to Tell Project — an organization whose mission it is to create a place …where individuals who want to write or tell their stories can discover life-changing stories and learn the power of reworking and editing their personal life stories with the goal of finding hope, inspiration, and a better way of living.

Writing about your own personal situation seems to initiate a natural healing process and those who have directly benefitted from her deep understanding of its therapeutic benefits includes war veterans suffering from trauma and cancer patients seeking a way to mitigate the effects of their illness.

Five Stages of Healing

In her book Marinella explains that there are five stages to writing and healing.

  • Stage one requires experiencing the grief and pain related to the personal trauma. This may not involve writing but more a sense of feeling.
  • Stage two invites us to share our story with someone or to release pent up emotions through writing
  • Stage three is total acceptance of the sadness and pain associated with the experience
  • Stage four encourages us to step back and view our experience subjectively
  • Stage five is the point at which we rewrite our story and then move on in our lives

In The Story You Need to Tell Marinella provides all the tools necessary to follow this five stage process. These are woven around personal stories that not only relate to her own path back to health using writing as a therapy but also accounts from some of her students who have found great benefit from following her system.

Ways to Heal

The author acknowledges that there are as many paths to healing through writing as there are number of stories to be told. Some approaches call for a direct evaluation of one’s life and its more significant events. Others reference a deeper understanding of human psychology and even reflect grander mythological themes.

For those readers who are keen to start writing but who have no clear idea how to approach it — or even what to write about, Marinella provides trigger questions which can help to kick-start the process. Whilst these are effective sometimes other techniques prove to be even more effectual; such the creation of a collage of drawings, pictures and photos; or by finding a symbol or metaphor by which to represent ourselves and our lives.

In the end it does not matter how we approach writing from a therapeutic angle — we simply need to get pen to paper and write! The healing comes as a result.

Our Review of The Story You Need to Tell by Sandra Marinella

There is a Chinese proverb that states; “Write your sorrow in sand and etch your joys in stone.”

Somehow this adage seems particularly applicable to the central themes in The Story You Need to Tell by Sandra Marinella; for this is a book about establishing the right to make a statement to the world that is powerful and redeeming.

As a workbook this is a wonderfully skilled piece of writing in its own right. It leads mainly by example and the clear benefits that writing has brought to so many is testimony to the efficacy of the author’s powerful approach to self-healing.

As a title The Story You Need to Tell just about sums up what is evidently a powerful statement of intent – one which we should all follow irrespective of whether we need to heal deep trauma or not. As Marinella so eloquently and brilliantly demonstrates in her book, we all need to evaluate ourselves and our lives from time to time and what better way to do it than through the written word.

The Story You Need to Tell is a powerful tool of self-transformation and rebalance. Buy it, read it and apply its wisdom wisely.