The Way of the Psychic Heart by Chad Mercree

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  • Publisher: Llewellyn
  • Format: Paperback

If you consider a psychic to be someone with extra-ordinary gifts for seeing the dead or interpreting tea-leaves then this book will change your mind.

In The Way of the Psychic Heart, Chad Mercree reveals how being psychic is in fact a natural extension of who we are as human beings.

With a slight adjustment toward living and working from our hearts and less from our heads, the author proposes that we all have the capability to express ourselves in psychic and intuitive ways.

The author begins by introducing you to the core elements of being psychic. He establishes from the start that this is a wholly natural process of opening to, and responding to, the deeper elements of the psyche.

Chapter 1 is the point at which most readers who are new to the subject will find their feet. It includes the first exercise of the book which is the Heart Breath and then deals with other important basic practices, such as clearing, smudging, astral protection and recording your experiences.

Chapter Two advises you on the need to become grounded in every aspect of your physical life, including the need to pay attention to your physical, mental and emotional health.

From there, the following chapter emphasizes the importance of remaining grounded in the body before introducing the idea of awareness and self-observation.

The author closes this section with a quiz—just to make sure you are still on track, and some practical exercises.

In Chapter Four, Mercree introduces you to some of the slightly sexier aspects to psychism. In this case, it is aura reading—an art which is difficult to perfect but which the author explains in some depth.

For most people who are drawn to experimenting with their psychic skills, their introduction is through discovering their own intuition or inner sense of knowing. Chapter five investigates this area of psychic power. Here, you are offered some useful tips and exercises to strengthen this little used faculty.

In part Two of the book, Mercree deals with specific psychic tools and practices. These include dreaming and the power of dreams as well as automatic writing—which is a tool that many channellers use to great effect.

As a psychic intuitive, you will, in time, meet your own spiritual guides. What they are and how to connect with them is revealed in chapter eight with the associated exercises showing you how to honour them and their work.

The third and final section of the book looks at some of the issues that arise once you have successfully developed your psychic skills.

Some of these relate to the practicalities of wielding power. Others refer to the moral dilemmas that can sometimes emerge once you become psychic.

The book wraps up with an observation that many spiritually orientated people are saying these days: that we are all becoming increasingly psychic in our lives and that this process will, in time, become the new norm.

It concludes with a recommended reading section.

Our Review of ‘The Way of the Psychic Heart’ by Chad Mercree

The spiritual path is rocky and strewn with many fatalities.

It is refreshing to come across a publication in which the author recognizes that a major component of psychic power is the need to stay safe.

The book starts in a rather ingloriously unexciting way—but, all the same, the information that it offers the novice student is vital and should be thoroughly absorbed before moving onto the later psychic practices.

This emphasis on getting the core foundations to a spiritual life is one that I find consistently lacking in titles of a similar type and I applaud the author for its inclusion.

The book, for all its focus on the groundwork, is a warm, engaging and the author, through the inclusion of personal anecdotes, demonstrates a friendly approach to his reader. The exercises are well crafted and, in many cases, completely new to these types of spiritual practices. The quizzes work well and allow you time to refelect upon your progress along the path as well as to consider other areas of your studies which you may not have originally considered.

The final section relating to the ethics of psychic power as well as the responsibilities that come with their development was also well constructed and extremely well-considered.

The Way of the Psychic Heart is one of the most insightful and entertaining books about psychism I have ever read. It is a fine example of how students should be introduced to the world of psychic power.

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