The Yoga Lifestyle by Doron Hanoch

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    The Yoga Lifestyle by Doron Hanoch
  • Author: Doron Hanoch
  • Format: Paperback


Today, yoga, as popular as it is, is often practised in isolation of other Eastern disciplines. This is a pity for although physical exercise and fluid joint movement are essential aspects to living a healthy life there are many other disciplines that, if added to regular yoga work, can result in even greater improvements.

One of these additional practices is that of good diet; for the food types that we ingest can either ease or detract from the benefits that yoga brings us.

A Variable Diet

In his book The Yoga Lifestyle Doron Hanoch – a certified yoga instructor, fuses together his skills as a practitioner alongside his preferred dietary regime.

In this regard he refers to what he calls the ‘Flexitarian Lifestyle’ – one that integrates yoga, Ayurveda, breathing practices, meditation, and nutrition.

The primary approach to good health that Hanoch takes – as he introduces his readers to the basics of his system, is simply to unify the practices with the natural state of your own being. Thus he begins by helping the reader to identify their own body type.

Later on these are tied to specific yogic poses and postures before calling upon the science of good breathing as a powerful energising tool.

Food and Diet

As the book moves onto looking at the importance of good diet so it expands upon several different eating regimes and their effect in keeping a body in good condition. These include a raw-food diet, a macrobiotic diet, and the Ayurveda diet.

Here the author makes a clear distinction between the need to eat to sustain life and the desire to eat solely in order to cope with some deeper mental and emotional issue.

This mind/body connection is explored in the final chapters of the book and the recommended technique for gaining a better quality of mind power is meditation.

In the third, and final part of the book, Hanoch offers a timetable which the reader can follow in order to ensure that they stick to a regime of good yoga practice mixed with beneficial meditation practice.

Our Review of ‘The Yoga Lifestyle’ by Doron Hanoch

The Yoga Lifestyle unifies four main disciplines and merges them together in a workbook that is both practical and inspiring.

The illustrations of the various yoga poses are in themselves quite motivating; are imaginatively drawn and fascinating to ponder on!

This is a book that does focus on yoga primarily and I felt that the chapters on food and diet needed fleshing out a bit. Nevertheless I understand that these are clearly meant to support the Yoga work and not the other way around.

So, if you have an interest in working on your body and that it acts as a key to dealing with the stresses and strains of life then this is definitely a publication that is worth checking out. It teaches without preaching and takes a non-dogmatic approach to the various Eastern disciplines.

All in all this is clearly a book penned by an practical expert in his field and in The Yoga Lifestyle by Doron Hanoch has translated his ideas well into a printed format.