Venus Signs by Jessica Shepherd

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When the Rosicrucian secret society encoded the cycles of Venus into their emblem of the rose, they touched upon a radiant and inherent feminine beauty of the planet and its cycles that few initiates were aware of.

Today, the symbol of the planet itself—the modified Ankh -has come to be emblematic of the whole concept of femininity and womanhood.

In Venus Signs astrologer Jessica Shepherd attributes a very modern and liberated set of associations to this enigmatic planet.

She sees its role within astrology as the harbinger of love, eroticism, sexual desire and sensual pleasure.

In short, she credits Venus with the Aphrodite Archetype—a powerful Goddess character with a strong independent streak, powerful creative instinct and committed enjoyer of the finer things in life.

Shepherd suggests that the Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe was someone who fell under, and perhaps too deeply for her own good, the spell of Aphrodite.

She outlines the way that Venus operates in astrology. She describes the core astrological principles of the planet as it appears against the backdrop of the twelve Zodiac signs. These act as important signposts of how you express sexuality and what, as well as with whom, you desire, enjoy and find most beautiful your connections in life.

The key to understanding the particular way in which Venus expresses itself through you is to identify which astrological sign Venus was in at your time of birth.

Fortunately, the author makes this a relatively simple thing to do through the inclusion of a set of astrological tables at the end of the book.

Shepherd then describes the 12 modifications to the core energies of Venus that are brought about by the sign that it is in.

She dedicates a chapter to an in-depth exposé of Venus in each of the twelve Zodiacal signs.

Starting in Aries and finishing in Pisces, each chapter takes a close look at the way the planet determines your specific desires, how you express love, the way it determines your emotions, the way you approach relationships and the likely impact of being in love with someone under that particular sign.

Our Review of ‘Venus Signs’ by Jessica Shepherd

In the conclusion of ‘Venus Signs’, Jessica Shepherd admits that she wrote her book specifically for women.

This, it must be said, is glaringly obvious from its earliest pages and creates something of a problem.

The way that men express the Venusian Current, their expectations of what they feel they need from a sexual or intimate relationship is completely different from those of a woman—as indeed, are their sexual drives and sensual expressions.

Sadly, as a male, I failed to recognize much that is applicable to myself within this book. This is a shame and somewhat remiss of a modern publication. There is, of course, nothing to say that the book cannot be written exclusively for women or solely from the female viewpoint, but it is through its lack of inclusion of the masculine perspective of Venus that its female readers are devoid of the opportunity to understand how to interact and accommodate the way that men express their latent Venusian energies.

This means that the relationship advice given in the book really only helps those women who are in a romantic or close relationship with other women.

It is also important to point out that relying on the astrological interpretations within this book should be accompanied with some caveats.

The way that the Venus energy expresses itself within each of us is not only determined by the Zodiac sign that it is in. It is also modified by the Astrological House it resides in as well as any aspects that the planet makes to other key elements within your Natal Birth Chart—those such as the Ascendant, Midheaven or Descendant—or any other planet which is in close conjunction.

Thus, defining or revealing what Venus means to you is not as clear cut or as simplistic as this book suggests.

I would also question the usefulness of the astrological tables. They only start from 1950. Is this a suggestion that nobody over the age of 65 comes under the jurisdiction of Venus or is in any way sexually sensual?

The tables also fail to indicate retrograde motion of Venus which, as the author herself points out in the book, is an important factor when interpreting Venus’ impact in your life.

Sadly, despite the depth of interpretation given regarding Venus, these criticisms mean that this is a book that offers little more than entertainment value. This is a pity as with greater thought and planning, it could have been a publication that gives you an in-depth understanding of the true nature of one of the shining gems of our Solar System.

‘Venus Signs’ will be of interest to the non-astrologically orientated and those with a inquisitive leaning toward defining their own sensual natures.


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