Whispers From the Wild by Amelia Kinkade

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    Whispers From the Wild by Amelia Kinkade
  • Author: Amelia Kinkade
  • Format: Paperback


How many of us can honestly say that upon being confronted by a large male tiger we would be able to identify that it was suffering badly from toothache?

Maybe a few of us could detect that there was something amiss if the animal was acting in an overly aggressive way and for no apparent reason, however it takes someone with a real degree of compassionate connection to animals to diagnose any health issues simply by psychically tuning into them.

Hearing and Healing

With this somewhat unorthodox approach to animal welfare writer and environmentalist Amelia Kinkade opens her book Whispers From the Wild by describing the time that she was able to intervene on behalf of a tiger who was dying from cancer initiated by molar decay.

The telepathic communication that the author had with Rajah – the ageing head of a group of tigers at a wildlife sanctuary in Florida, is but one example of the close connection that she has established over the years not only with tigers but also with many other species of endangered wildlife.

Kinkade is no stranger to environmentalism for she is the founder of the Ark Angel Society, an educational nonprofit organisation that visits schools in Zambia, Rwanda, and South Africa to enlighten children about the dangers of animal poaching.

In Whispers From the Wild she has amassed a collection of personal reflections upon the extremely precarious state of many of the world’s most endangered and rarest species. Each chapter in her book is dedicated to one specific animal and features the telepathic communications that she has with them.

Once this connection is made she allows the animals to express their own unique perspective regarding their fragile existence; as well as their opinions regarding humanity and its treatment of the planet.

From stories of how the author works to save the tigers of the Orient from corrupt orchestration to insights into ley-line walking elephants in South Africa, the book includes a diverse perspective on each animal’s shrinking natural environment and the encroachment by man into it.

Over the following chapters of her book Kinkade shares her unique perspective on the secret inner lives of the Great White Shark, the Black Mamba snake, common bees and finally perhaps the most persecuted of all our creatures the whale.

In closing Kinkade asks “Will the human race ever be worthy of being a true friend of Mother Nature, and a shepherd, student, and confidant of her animals?

On that score we can only wonder.

Our Review of Whispers From the Wild by Amelia Kinkade

The increasingly appalling plight of our wildlife speaks volumes about the degeneracy that the human race has fallen into. For those not aware of this fact Whispers From the Wild presents a very humanistic perspective on the problem both with unreserved honesty and the introduction of some brutal statistical evidence.

This is a must-read book for anyone with a compassionate and caring personality. The stories the book tells are utterly captivating – though at times also heartbreaking and even soul-destroying. At these times even the light moments of gritty humour that the author shares are insufficient to counter the sourness that pervades its commentary.

The only way that the book manages to raise any sense of optimism about the destiny of our rarest animals is through the unique work and perspective of its author along with her ability to understand the problems from a primarily animal rather than human perspective.

Too many well-meaning environmentalists make very broad and generalised decisions regarding animal welfare – much of which are based upon an ignorance of good animal husbandry. Thankfully this is something that is addressed in this book through the author’s truly remarkable talent for telepathically tuning into the animals that she encounters and listening to their needs. Some of the exchanges that she has with them are extraordinary and never anything short of highly illuminating.

Whispers From the Wild is a most remarkable and illuminating book – one which had me captivated from turning over the very first page. By the end I can honestly say that my perspective on life and animal welfare had completely changed. Let’s hope it manages to also initiate a wider change in human consciousness.



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