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Understand the Basics of Modern Witchcraft

Witchcraft has become a popular and respected form of modern spirituality. Whilst there is still a small amount of social stigma attached to it, today people are probably more intrigued by it than dismissive of it.

Several major developments in the world of Witchcraft - not least of all its increasing appearance on TV shows and the general social shft away from traidtional religions, has turned what was once classed as a 'dark art' into a movement that encompases everything from ecopolitics and herbalism through to women's rights and eco-activism.

At its heart though there still beats the mysterious and beguilling world of magick with each offshoot to WItchcraft prefering their own particular mode or style of magickal working.

Where does a newcomer to this exciting and fascinating world of spirituality start?

We have drawn together a short list of book titles that we have featured on Spirituality Today and which we feel offers the best guide or introduction to WItchcraft and Wicca.

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