A Talk with author of Luminous Life, Jacob Liberman, OD, PhD

Jacob Liberman, OD, PhD

  Early in your optometric career, you experienced a sudden, significant, and lasting improvement in your vision during a meditative experience. Can you tell us about that?  I removed my glasses, noticed the room was blurry, closed my eyes, and began my daily meditation practice. Sometime during the process, I became aware of myself and everything else in the room I was meditating in. The fascinating thing about it was that everything I was aware of with my eyes closed was crystal clear, at a level I had never before experienced. In addition, I couldn’t tell from where I was seeing. It was as if the room was filled with… Read More

From Anxiety to Love: Q and A with author Corinne Zupko

Corinne Zupko

Author Corinne Zupko, a licensed counselor and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher, undertook her study of psychology out of necessity when debilitating anxiety threatened to derail her life. Seeking ways to do more than temporarily alleviate her symptoms, Corinne began to study A Course in Miracles (ACIM), mindfulness meditation, and the latest therapeutic approaches for treating anxiety. As Corinne healed her own mental anguish, she compiled the perception-shifting process she describes in From Anxiety to Love: A Radical New Approach for Letting Go of Fear and Finding Lasting Peace (New World Library, February 14, 2018). We hope you’ll enjoy this Q and A with Corinne about the book. # # #… Read More

An Interview With Dr. Pankaj Vij, author of Turbo Metabolism

Dr. Pankaj Vij

Pankaj Vij, MD, FACP, is the author of Turbo Metabolism. As a doctor of internal medicine, he has helped thousands of patients lose weight, manage chronic health conditions, and improve their physical fitness. Board certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine, Dr. Vij has been practicing medicine since 1997. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit him online at http://www.doctorvij.com. # # # Tell us about the title of your book Turbo Metabolism. Life is about energy and metabolism is energy flow. Turbo Metabolism empowers readers to have optimal energy flow so that they can make the best of our time here. It is all about having optimal… Read More

Q and A with Ira Israel, author of How to Survive Your Childhood Now that You’re an Adult

Ira Israel

Every adult wants to live a version of what he or she imagines is “the good life.” Yet, many struggle with a default voice in their heads that tells them that whatever they do will never be good enough and that they will only be happy when they get a new job, relationship, physical appearance, etc. In How to Survive Your Childhood Now That You’re an Adult: A Path to Authenticity and Awakening, author and psychotherapist Ira Israel explains that the origin of this voice of dissatisfaction is the wounded child within who is subconsciously and retroactively seeking the acceptance, approval, and love of primary caregivers who either withheld love,… Read More

The Lost Genius of Zen: An Interview With Brad Warner

Brad Warner

I first heard of Dogen when I was about 19 or 20 years old. I am 53 now. So, I’ve been acquainted with Dogen for most of my life. Dogen was a Japanese Buddhist monk and writer who lived around 800 years ago, from the year 1200 to 1254. He was barely older than I am now when he died. When I first heard of Dogen, I assumed I was a latecomer. I figured that the people of Japan had read and studied Dogen’s philosophy for the past 800 years. I assumed that Dogen’s ideas were part of Japan’s national philosophical identity. Nope. For about 700 years, Dogen’s writings were… Read More

The Forgotten Art of Love – Q and A with Dr. Armin Zadeh

Armin A. Zadeh

Who better than a cardiologist to unpack the many dimensions of love, the emotion that has long been depicted as emanating from the heart? A comprehensive, multifaceted exploration into the nature of love is precisely what Dr. Armin A. Zadeh, who is both a cardiologist and a professor at Johns Hopkins University, offers in his new book entitled The Forgotten Art of Love: What Love Means and Why It Matters. We hope you’ll enjoy this short interview with him about the book. # # # Why does a cardiologist write a book on the art of love? Why wouldn’t everyone write about love? Most would agree that love is the… Read More

The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart with Author Scott Stabile

Scott Stabile

Author and Facebook sensation Scott Stabile’s parents were murdered when he was fourteen. Nine years later, his brother died of a heroin overdose. Soon after that, Scott joined a cult that dominated his life for thirteen years. Through it all, he became evermore committed to living his life from love. In each chapter of his new book Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart, Scott shares a personal experience that pulled him from his center and the ways in which he brought himself back to peace, and to love. While some of his experiences are extraordinary, like extricating himself from a cult after 13 years, most of… Read More

Healing from Trauma: An Interview with Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

While the English language frequently refers to what our bodies know — “gut feelings,” hearts “reaching out” to others, etc. — many of us have learned to ignore, deny, or even mistrust our body’s inherent wisdom. Even worse, a lot of people don’t like their bodies very much at all. As a result, we often cut ourselves off from one of our greatest allies. In Reclaiming Your Body: Healing from Trauma and Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom, author Suzanne Scurlock-Durana provides the tools and guidance necessary to reconnect with our body’s inner guidance system of sensation, imagery, and inner knowing. Her book includes chapters for each main “wisdom area” of… Read More

Life, Travel and Spiritual Reflections – An Interview With J Jaye Gold

Jaye Gold

In this exclusive interview with writer and spiritual teacher J. Jaye Gold we explore the mind and philosophy of someone with a clear mission to bring light to the world. Spiritual teacher J. Jaye Gold has been assisting people in their search for inner meaning for 35 years. He currently lives in the Sierra foothills of Northern California where he works with several dozen seekers of truth. Justin is the author of four books; Another Heart in His Hand, Highway of Diamonds, The Roca Group and his latest – a collection of his personal memoirs, Justin Time which we reviewed here on Spirituality Today. Recently we were given the opportunity to… Read More

Finding a Way to God and Thomas Merton with author Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox is an internationally acclaimed theologian and spiritual maverick who has spent the past forty years revolutionizing Christian theology, taking on patriarchal religion, and advocating for a creation-centered spirituality of compassion, justice, and resacralizing of the earth. He has written more than thirty books, which have sold over 1.5 million copies in sixty languages. He lives in Oakland, CA. Q. What inspired you to write a book about Thomas Merton? A. Merton was influential in my early vocation. I read his autobiography when I was 16; and it was he who recommended I go to the Institut Catholique de Paris for doctoral studies in spirituality in 1967, after I… Read More