Mind Over Matter-The Mysteries of Andrija Puharich

Andrija Puharich

Help finish the upcoming film on Andrija Puharich, the man who ‘normalized the paranormal, and to bring to life the story of one of the most fascinating figures of the 20th Century!

Andrija Puharich PhD was a medical doctor, researcher, inventor, and visionary scientist. Starting in the 1940s, he was obsessed with the reaches of the human mind: he believed that our minds are capable of more than we could ever imagine. His work touched on everything from medical arts, physics, biology, psychedelic drug research, electro-chemistry, astrophysical sciences, engineering and quantum mechanics.

Considered too far out or too ahead of his time, Puharich delved into researching extrasensory perception (telepathy, psychokinesis). Even though his work produced groundbreaking results, he was never taken seriously and he was scorned by his academic colleagues.

  • Why then, did some of the wealthiest families in the world privately fund Puharich’s research?
  • Why were government agencies like the CIA and NASA secretly hiring Puharich to conduct confidential research?
  • How did he end up inspiring the likes of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

And why is his research still being discussed today by Nobel Prize winning academics and Pulitzer Prize nominated authors? Did Puharich know something that we don’t?

Upcoming Documentary

Mind Over Matter: The Mysteries of Andrija Puharich is a feature documentary that will unravel Puharich’s enigmatic life – with exclusive access to hundreds of never before seen documents, personal journals, lab papers, unreleased manuscripts, private footage and archived material from one of the most brilliant and misunderstood minds of the 20th Century.

The film will also explore the complex, mysterious relationship Puharich had with his own children, all of whom have a different opinion on their father.

Help Needed

Greg Mallozzi, a filmmaker from Providence, Rhode Island. has already shot a large portion of the interviews for this film over the past 2 years, including Andrija’s close friends, family and colleagues. He is now at the stage of editing a rough-cut of the film. He has, courtesy of Puharich’s son, obtained;

  • Several hundred photographs: taken all around the globe dating back to the 1940s
  • Hundreds of various audio tapes: personal recordings, lectures, radio appearances, presentations, etc
  • Dozens of films: home movies, travel films, filmed experiments, television appearances, etc
  • Hundreds of documents: unpublished manuscripts, academic papers, personal notebooks & journals, correspondence, newspaper and magazine articles and various other personal documents.

And more…

At the moment $30,000 needs to be raised for the post-production of the film, which includes professionally digitizing and scanning archival material, licensing footage, editing, color correcting, sound design, film-festival submissions, and marketing. A good portion of the funds will go towards digitizing, processing and restoring Andrija’s personal materials.

For more information on how to support this vitally important project visit www.indiegogo.com

Mind Over Matter: The Mysteries Of Andrija Puharich from ZZ Eye Films on Vimeo.