The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra

The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra

Kaia Ra is an Oracle for an Ascended Master High Council who are known as The Sophia Dragon Tribe - a radically new and different spiritual collective who are collaborating to promote the energy of the Divine Feminine on Earth during this time of humanity's transition of consciousness.

The Sophia Dragons are said to form part of a lineage that exists within the highest angelic order known as the seraphim.

High Sovereignty

In her book The Sophia Code, Kaia Ra explains how each dragon originates from two Creatrix Mothers. She describes their size to be so large that they are said to be beyond any human concept that exists - certainly within earthly dragon lore. Ra explains how they generally appear as a pearlescent white, scaled dragons but on ocassions have also been known to take on platinum, gold, silver, or black colors. In addition they have four sets of feathered white wings that appear and dissolve in figure of eight flight patterns.
The primary function of the collective is to express the Divine Ray of Love-Wisdom and particularly to promote the will of Sophia which is an ancient form of Universal female consciousness. In addition to this they are also said to be manifestors; with heart-wombs that are genetically encoded to receive, gestate, and birth new species, planets, galaxies and even universes.

Channel of Dissemination

Ra explains in her book how The Sophia Dragon lineage also works directly with spiritual leaders, teaching them how to work with unlimited spiritual power and to serve the greatest good through the Law of Divine Love. This was work that they performed within all of the great mystery schools based here on Earth during our previous golden age.

The method for attaining mastery of these spiritual teachings today is said to be through the direction of the Higher Self and by drawing energy into the Golden Dragon Light Body. This is processed through the eight chakras of the human energy field and via the subtle channels that carry the kundalini, or serpent, energy. The Sophia Code contains specific initiatory instructions to readers on how to anchor this light energy.

Members of the Collective

The Sophia Dragon Tribe is composed from the group-unification of several femine divinities. These are;

Green Tara
Mother Mary
Mary Magdalene
Quan Yin
White Buffalo Woman

In the book a chapter is dedicated to each and includes a full explanation of their specific energy pattern and purpose. The author also includes transcripts of communications held with them which reveals more of their nature, work, and influence. Specific advice is also given on how to invoke their individual spiritual dynamic and become fully initiated into their magickal lineage.

In summing up the sense of divine love and harmony generated by this collective. the author states.

"If you allow us to be who we are — undefinable in magick, divine love, and power — you will come to know your own angelic and unlimited sovereign self in our reflection." - a statement which clearly defines the close connection between the spiritual aspirant and the very heart of Sophia for a New Age.

Our Review of The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra

The Sophia Code presents a remarkable insight into the source of the rapidly-expanding influence of the Divine Feminine within modern spirituality. That said, it is not a book that falls neatly into New Age thinking for it demands a degree of metaphysical understanding by the reader to fully appreciate its nuances.

As a book in its own right, The Sophia Code is beautifully produced and carries with it a tangible vibration of light, love and heightened energy. In a sense it feels, and reads, very much like one of the classical occult works written in the past but it remains uplifting and contemporary in its approach. This sense of complexity does mean that the publication is a challenging read at times and in this regard I felt that it could have done with an index to cross relate the wealth of information on offer.

The Sophia Code is an enticing view on an emerging dynamic of spiritual energy that is flooding our solar system and planet. Many are experiencing this at a deep cellular and Soul level. For those who are, this book truly is a gift from the Goddesses who carry with them a powerful spiritual message of hope for the future of humanity. It is a book that will mature as the years go by and become increasingly relevant as the work of the Dragon Tribe becomes manifest.

Our Rating