The Art of Connection by Michael J. Gelb

The Art of Connection by Michael Gelb

In the opening to his book The Art Of Connevtion the pioneer in the field of creative thinking Michael J Gelb observes that three primary myths exist about leadership. These are that leadership is a function of position, title, or seniority; that it requires charisma and extroversion; and that leaders are born and not made.   Given that this is true what exact qualities are needed to forge, and maintain harmonious, creative and mutually-sustaining relationships within any group environment? Changing Times Gelb points out that over the decades the role…

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Creativity on Demand by Michael J Gelb

Creativity on Demand by Michael J GelbCreativity on Demand by Michael J Gelb

Have you ever wondered what makes an artist such a uniquely-creative individual? If a work of art has ever deeply moved you—regardless of whether it was a painting, a piece of music or a sculpture—you will probably have wondered where the inspiration for that art sprang from. As a society, we tend to think of creative people as being part of a sub-set of our culture. They are usually revered as individuals that the Gods have gifted with spectacular talents and skills. Is that really true? Or is there an…

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